Firebrand, Day 0000+30

Captain's Log 9

The crew knows.

Someone anonymously sent a video to every member of the crew, showing us entering the dome and causing havoc within. But it was cut to make us look like the aggressors, and shows plenty of disturbing footage of Remi and I feeding. This is not going to be easy to recover from. It had to be Seven. One of them, anyway.

John rounded up 14 crew members who had been planning a mutiny, and tied them up in the cargo hold. I tried to talk them down, but one in particular refused to be cowed. He was ultimately put down, a decision I do not feel good about.

The entire crew was called down, and we had them watch the entirety of the footage we had of our time in the dome. There are definitely parts I am not proud of, but at least this way they can make their judgement based on a less biased source.

The night was tense, but the mood seemed to improve once enough alcohol was imbibed. But I know this can’t possibly be the end of our trouble.



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