Paradise, Day 0000+35

Captain's Log 12, supplemental

[OOC Note: Kiki is not dumb enough to put anything about Clear in writing; this entry is just for keeping track of stuff.]

With plenty of time to kill, we headed down to the surface of Paradise. The moment we entered the atmosphere, I could sense that there was a Former on-planet. Only one though, which is very unusual.

I followed the feeling of his presence, and what we found was a man in a very nice suit being harassed by a group of teenagers. We intervened before the situation could get bloody, and the man, who introduced himself as Clear, led us to his apartment so we could talk. His gigantic, extremely nice apartment.

We quickly learned that Clear is a Shadow, and he had assumed that me and Remi were as well. We explained that, while not Shadows, we are still associates of Kin. He found this somewhat odd, but it did not seem to bother him.

When asked about how he had managed to get such a nice place, Clear calmly explained that it had belonged to the man whose identity he had assumed. The original owner, named Lincoln, had been “repurposed” when he refused to submit willingly. Clear assured us that he had not been a happy person, which is only mildly reassuring.

It also seems that Lincoln worked as a very high level executive at Glass Tech. A job which Clear has taken over. Which means that Kin has a plant that listens in to every one of Darren Wilson’s important board meetings. Though the situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I cannot help but be somewhat impressed.

Alas, Clear would not tell us any secret information he had learned from Wilson’s board meetings, but I’m not sure it would be anything useful to us anyway. Maybe we can ask Kin if anything pertinent has come up.

Speaking of Kin, it seems that Clear sends him a report every 2 weeks, and we asked him to let Kin know we would be stopping by soon. Clear was very agreeable.

He seems nice, other than his tendency to eat people who cross him.



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