Promia, Day 0000+25

Captain's Log 6

Promia has been a disaster, and I wish I could say it surprised me. It did not occur to me that walking into a building owned by ExoGeni would be a terrible, almost fatal idea. Of course they have a way to detect the Former.

When the alarm was sounded I tried to lead them away from the group, but it was too late, they knew we were together. It was only a chance encounter with an unexpected ally that saved us. Mask, she called herself. A member of the Seven Sisters, which are far more technically advanced than I ever suspected.

She brought us to their hideout where they tended to our wounds, and even provided sustenance for me (though they watched me eat and took notes, which was rather unnerving).

Joseph had a few choice words for me. He only just learned what I have become. I wasn’t sure what to say to him. I never expected him to understand my reasons.

Huxtable is here as well, a face I have not seen in a long time. He was not very thrilled to see us, but I cannot say I blame him. He wants to speak with us tomorrow about how we can finish our mission. For now, all we can do is rest.



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