Promia, Day 0000+26

Captain's Log 7

Tonight in dreams, the vision came again.

It is dark now, darker than it has ever been. The stars are gone. Remi is dead, Micah or Icarus is dead, Kin is dead. Mortdecai, Hachiko, and Spade are dead, and Wilson is there with a gun at their backs.

Aurora and Joseph are alive, but not for much longer. The wolves tear at them still.

And there I still sit, able to do nothing but cry as the galaxy turns to ash around me. I am different, but nothing has changed. It seems I am doomed to look on helplessly as everything I care for is destroyed before me.

The others had the dream as well, including Hachiko, who is here. She also revealed that the Banshees and the Seven Sisters are one and the same. It seems not even Aurora was aware.

It was mentioned that the Banshees/Sisters have eyes on Mehiri in the form of satellites that still orbit from when the planet had human inhabitants. It sounds like things are going well there for now, which is a relief, but the vision still worries me. In the vision, a shadow passed over Kin’s half-eaten corpse. It sounds like one of his own may turn on him.

Mask offered to have an operation performed on Joseph, something that would… “fix” his brain and make him better at relating with others. After a discussion, he decided he wanted to go through with it. I hope he does not regret it.

They made another offer as well. Mask wants a chance to observe the creation of a Former. In return, she would give Remi the advancements to her eye that she is wanting, and also remove the bomb from around Theyrn’s neck.

Remi wants to take the offer. She wants to become what I have become. I don’t like it; I don’t know if I can do what Kin did, and keep her from losing herself in the process. Nobody wants it to happen but her. I know I must seem a hypocrite for refusing to play along, but the situation does not sit right with me.

But it seems my hand may have been forced. Mask “threatened” to do it without my help if she must, using far less reliable means. And Remi seemed willing to go along with it.

I convinced her to at least wait until our mission is complete, but given we both survive I do not think I will be able to delay it longer.



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