John "Sparrow" Thorne


John served as First Mate of the Kestrel under Captain Drake. He was also the full-time helmsman.

After Drake’s death, he temporarily served as captain, but did not with to remain in command. Once Kiki was voted in as the new captain, John returned to his position as First Mate.

John utilizes a sniper rifle as his primary weapon and a pistol as his sidearm.

The crew learned that John Thorne used to go by the name John Throne, and was a well-regarded member of the Telo military. Under military orders, he annihilated all life on a planet via planetary bombardment, an action he still carries an incredible amount of guilt over. When he was asked to do the same to Izengor, he went AWOL. The citizens of Telo were told that he retired with honors.

John "Sparrow" Thorne

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