Micah Lazarus

One of the twin brothers, the muscles behind the brain.


Height: 6’7"
Weight: 275lbs
Eye color: blue
Hair color: light brown


Micah is one of the Lazarus twins, dubbed “Sun” for the sake of the tattoo below his left eye of an intricate full sun. Post destruction of their home planet Mehiri, Micah accompanied his brother on his journey for answers, and to ensure he wouldn’t lose anything more in addition to everything he ever knew. Micah is a skilled soldier, albeit a bit destructive. He carries a rocket launcher at all time because “you never know”. Of the pair of brothers, Micah is the oldest, and seems wildly protective of his brother since he has nothing left to lose. He keeps the sibling rivalry alive and well, to help keep Icarus’ spark for answers alive.

Micah Lazarus

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