Drill Space, Day 0000+24
Captain's Log 5

We are on our way to Promia. We gave been given a mission to scout out and possibly destroy a base belonging to the forces of the Endless Cycle. A suicide mission, though not our first.

Remi has recovered, and Joseph is doing well considering his previous state. He still does not know what happened. I don’t know how to tell him.

I watched Home disappear in the distance as we flew away. I will probably never see it again, or the people within.

I should have died on Telo.

Home, Day 0000+16

We’re living on borrowed time. There is no reason we shouldn’t have been executed today.

- Aurora

Home, Day 0000+15
Captain's Log 4, Supplemental

Mikoto is dead.

Seven murdered her, and left the footage for the Angels to find. Hachiko stormed off, after dropping Wilson’s second-in-command for making a heartless comment.

Good riddance.

Watching the video of Mikoto and Hachiko together made me ill. How many more lives will Seven ruin before we can stop him? We have gained nothing and lost much.

I told them everything. What choice did I have? They would have learned eventually. Mortdecai wanted me gone immediately, and Anya only let me stay on the condition I “prove” it. By eating the body of Michael.

I loved it, and I hate that I loved it. There is no denying that I have become a monster.

Mortdecai may never forgive me, and John is distraught. It had never even occurred to me how he might react, after having watched his best friend torn apart by the very I have become.


I only wanted to help, but I have done nothing but hurt two of my oldest allies.

I just wanted to protect people.

The voice is getting louder, more insistent.

I’m sorry.

[But not as sorry as you’re going to be.]

Halo, Day 0000+15 +

Today has been a horrible shitfest that refuses to end.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Firebrand

Halo, Day 0000+15
Captain's Log 4

We survived.

Joseph is in terrible shape, and Remi also needs medical attention, but we made it. We won.

I protected them.

We survived.

Halo, Day 0000+14
Captain's Log 3

The Angels are in a worse position that I feared. Vaas is already here, laying siege to Home with a sizable force. Even the Fallen Angel is having trouble holding up to their assault.

Aurora tried to convince Vaas that we were a simple courier vessel looking to deliver a message to him, but he was not convinced. I suppose he would not have risen to his position of power if he were a fool.

Mortdecai, Anya, and the King siblings are all well, to my relief. I pray that remains true through what is to come. It seems that Spade owes Mortdecai a large favor, which he is calling in for the coming battle. Spade did not seem the least bit thrilled about being dragged into this mess, but he appears reliable enough. Hachiko is also present, as well as Wilson’s rather unpleasant second in command, who refused to give his name.

We feared the worst when we saw the destroyed remains of Niles as we entered the system, but his humanoid form survived and is currently residing on Home. He will be an integral part of the plan we made for taking on Vaas tomorrow.

Niles will remotely take control of several small ships, and use them to make a hole in the hull of Vaas’ carrier. This way we can hopefully pull off the most dangerous part of our attack without any loss of life. The Fallen Angel and the other ally ships will face off against the carrier while me and my crew, along with about 200 Angels, board the carrier through the hole created by Niles. From there, we will get Spade into the ship’s system, then make our way to Vaas to take him out directly.

It is a risky plan, but our best chance at success. Sleep is difficult when I think of what is to come. Whatever happens, I will get my crew out of there alive.

Drill Space, Day 0000+8
Captain's Log 2

Today has been… enlightening. I learned much about the past lives of my crew. I would not leave their secrets in writing for others to find, but I feel as if I know them a bit better now. Some of them I have flown with for over a year, and I just now feel as if I am getting to know them. Perhaps the knowledge that death looms ever closer has loosened their tongues.

Perhaps that is also the reason for the sudden spike in sexual activity on the ship. Or was all of this always going on, and I was just unaware? Or maybe the previous crew took Captain Drake’s rule about no intercrew relationships seriously. Whatever the case, I keep finding myself in rather uncomfortable situations.

I suppose I’m happy they’ve found a way to keep morale up, but I’m having trouble understanding. I feel like I may be missing something fundamentally human in nature. Maybe in time it will start to make more sense.

Haven, Day 0000
Captain's Log 1

The Marauders have pushed into Haven, and are hitting the Angels hard. They have already lost so many; it pains me to watch their ships fall.

We should have come sooner.

We managed to rescue an Angel ship that had been overwhelmed, but several more were destroyed in the time it took. I gave the order to destroy a lifeboat fleeing from a disabled Marauder ship, a decision I do not regret but makes me ill to think about. It feels wrong. Everything feels wrong.

An enemy cruiser entered the battlefield, and I gave the order to engage them, as the Angels had no ships in the area that could match it. It was a mistake; they outgunned us considerably, and many more Angel lives were lost in the battle. Ultimately the cruiser was destroyed, but not without a price.

That price being that we are now indebted to Captain Spade of the Coldharbour.

It seems Spade was summoned to Home to discuss the possibility of him helping to defend the Angels. And it seems we are now to be used as a bargaining chip because of our connection to Anya and Mortdecai. I don’t much like the idea of being a pawn, but it’s better than being dead.

We limped back to the Paradise station to repair. It seems the revolution on the surface has grown larger than anyone anticipated, and it is suspected there is something larger involved than simple revolutionaries. We were told we should not travel to the surface unless we were looking to enlist.

It will take us over a week to repair the damage to the Firebrand. I hope by the time we reach Home we are not too late.

Ioria, Day 0000
Murder she wrote
  • Derrek did a dead.

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