Home, Day 0402

47 ships were destroyed. We only save 54 people.

Home was bombarded by a man named Seven, the forth pirate king. Most the Angels were killed in the attack. Bombs were planted all over Home itself as well as on the departing ships evacuating the station.

- Aurora

Sedona, Day 0398

Dorian woke up still very much drunk. Concerned for his health I called up to the ship to ask for assistance. Kairi said she could cure it and would be down shortly. Using her abilities she was able to remove the alcohol from the Captain’s system. Once that was done we returned to the ship to prepare for our jump out of the system.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Sedona, Day 0397

The Captain and I went down onto Sedona to make a plea with the Sisters to aid Crorix. Only the Captain decided he didn’t want to come leaving me alone with Agata to explain the situation. While I did that he went down to the beach and had a vision which upset him greatly. We ended up staying planet side overnight.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Crorix II, Day 0390

Roughly 12 hours after our departure from Crorix I we returned to Crorix II. Once civilians and injured were escorted off ship Kairi, the Captain, and myself made our way to the military base planet side. There we met with the usuals, Not Important and General I forgot her name. Drake gave them a report he had written up and we gave a brief verbal report. For bringing the civilians away from the war zone we were awarded a bonus. They then asked if we would be interested in another job: act as their representatives and ask the surrounding systems for help with Telo.
We took a moment and stepped out of the room to think on it. While out there I mentioned that given the planets tolerate opinions to psychics in addition to giving them a copy of their blueprints back we should also give them the addition to the formers document discussing Drake. In agreeance and I went to the bathroom to do the transfer in private. When I returned the General was exiting, leaving only Not in the room. He took the information better that I had predicted. Not also mentioned a thing called torching that psychics can do. From the sounds of it doing this causes the strain that results in death or madness like what was reported during the Scream.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Crorix I, Day 0389
  • Landed on planet
  • Hid the grav tank in a parking garage and made contact with the resistance fighters
  • Got some abandoned cars up and running each mounted with a gun
  • Before we could move out a huge moving fortress passed by.
    • We learned of it’s terrible canon thanks to the brave sacrifice of Metal Parrot
  • Once it passed by we got an ambush plan together for the fortress
  • We ambushed the fortress
    • Aurora burned a man alive under their grav car, Joseph executed a man, Karia shot a man while driving, and the Captain used his sheer rifle to create a hole in the bottom of the fortress to enter in and take over the ship.
  • With the fortress taken we radioed the resistance with our update and then proceed forward
  • Once we met up with them we continued to head toward Aegis.
    • Came across some Telo soldiers along the way. They didn’t last long.
  • On our way over everyone saw a giant ship begin to fall onto the planet’s surface.
  • Arrive at Aegis to learn that is was a building protected by a force field of sorts.
  • As the fortress was being unloaded the Captain & John made their way back to the grav tank
    • Kairi went to help heal injured folks
    • Joseph repaired what he could
    • Aurora made contact with the Kestrel
    • Kiki was an awesome spy who stole the blueprints for the force field as well as revealed the immediate threat of the ship falling out of the sky. The whole city was a power grid for the force field and if the ship hit part of the grid the whole planet would be wiped out.
  • Kairi through her psychic ability was able to knock out one of the thrusters on the falling ship thus changing it’s trajectory enough that it would land outside the city.
  • The crew gathered up the injured and civilians and made their way off planet.
  • Before leaving the planet we scanned the fight above planet to see the Opportunist creating a huge charge. With an idea of where it was aim the Captain made contact with the ship. We spoke with Dr. Wilson. While we aren’t entirely sure if he knew that he was about to create a huge genocide of the planet the Captain told him the location of Aegis to try and deter the planets destruction.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Crorix II, Day 0388

Drake left the crew to the wolves when they tried to deliver information to the local government.

Crorix III, Day 0387

We went look for clues for the prison ship that had crashed on the planet.

Ioria V, Day 0376

We spoke with Professor [character name] about our finds on the formers and enlisted his aid in creating a pesticide to try and stop another Mihiri.

Zodiark 8, Day 0368

Almost 24 hours later we were hailed by the Zodiark 8. The memory stick that Drake had left behind was enough to warrant a 250,000 credits. Drake insisted that Joseph be able to visit his parents. After a long moment the Chosen said that Joseph could have his visitation as the payment for the former packet. The Captain agreed to it and we returned to the Zodiark 8. After the information was delivered and verified Joseph’s parents were brought on board. He showed them around the ship which felt like a very short tour so I suggested we have a family dinner. Joseph seemed thrilled at the idea of having family and space family all together in one place.

Reflecting on dinner I know I did not behave well. Drake and I did a good job upsetting Joseph by going after his father who was aloof the whole time. He was a nasty man who was so blinded by his false faith that he couldn’t see the truth before him, that Joseph is an incredibly brilliant engineer, despite his disadvantage, who wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly. Our comments caused his father to say some unkind things including the reason that Joseph was banished. A man was killed while Joseph was working on a machine. From the way his father described it Joseph purposely spaced the man. Again he didn’t seem to know his son at all. A shame. His mother on the other hand was lovely and I wish it were possible for her to have stayed with us. Joseph seemed so much more happy with her around and I feel getting out of such an inhospitable living situation would have done her well.

Regardless Joseph was able to say his goodbyes.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Zodiark 8, Day 0367

Upon entering the Mihiri system we realized that we were luckily very close to the Zodiark flotilla. We made a slow approach until we were hailed. Drake told the Chosen we spoke to that we were merchants looking to do some trading. Apparently that was enough to allow us onto their ship. We were eased into the large ship and readied ourselves for the exchanged. The state of the lower quarters was appalling and made worse when we entered the Choosen’s quarters which were comfortable to the point of disgusting in comparison. Joseph had borrowed my helmet so that his presence on the ship would be unknown.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel


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