Al Mohitat, Day 0010
  • Captain Wes of the Astrid offers the survivors a job, make a delivery to Al Bihar Akhdar. They accept.
  • Once planet side the delivery is made but the weather turns bad forcing the survivors and Irina to stay over night in the floating city.
  • During this time the survivors split their allegiances: Nala and Amira side with Irina and the Astrid while Yuri, John, and Haun turn traitorous and attempt to murder the others.
  • Nala, Amira, and Irina go into hiding.
Crorix, Day 0000
  • Amira, John, Huan, Nala, and Yuri awaken from cryostasis to discover they are no longer in a Telo jail but instead the wreckage of a ship.
  • On their way out of the ship the survivors encounter a mutated human that attacks them. They are able to trap it in the elevator.
  • They step out of ship and head towards an mine. There they encounter crew members of the Astrid. The survivors are collected and taken on board as the ships guest.

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