Haven, Day 0472

As we were leaving the system I noticed on the scanner a ship, presumably pirates, heading towards a rescue ship. I mentioned it to the Captain and he changed our course to engage in the hostile ship. The Captain hailed the hostile ship, the Cold Water. He spoke to it’s captain a man named Spade. The quarreled a little before a dog fight ensued. Both ships were pretty damaged from the fight. The Captain readied a boarding party and we filed onto the shuttle.

Once we were close enough to the Cold Water I exited the ship and hacked into their system opening the door. Drake then proceeded forward and punched a hole through the window of the next door causing a flurry of glass and air to shoot out. We then proceeded into what appeared to be an armor with all it’s guns and six assault suits missing. The first door slammed shut and we found ourselves trapped. I tried to hack into the door closest to the bridge but Spade was keeping me out. Joseph ended up blow torching a hole through the door. The pressure difference between the two rooms caused Joseph to the blow back. Luckily I was able to catch him.

Beyond the door were four men who opened fire upon us. Two men dropped almost immediately. One of those men was picked up by his comrade and used as a shield. It was barbaric! The poor man wasn’t even dead just bleeding out. Drake charge in and took out one of the other men before a door slide open and a man in an assault suit stepped through. He shot at Dorian with a shear rifle and for a moment I was sure it was a hit. It wasn’t and the two began to try and shoot at one another with little luck. The man using his companion as a shield was shot down and in a feeble attempt I tried to tackle the man in the assault suit to the ground failing. The man fell back into the room he came from with Drake being the only one to get through the door before it closed.

I checked on the man who had been used as a shield. I tried to help him. I knew what was coming. I knew from the distance that was being kept, the nonchalant way she came over. And yet I wasn’t prepared. I heard a clank from behind me, saw the man in the assault suit drop the ground and then a bang.

We made our way up to the mess hall where the tables had been turned into barricades. Spade was there with a thunder gun in hand. Shots were fired, grenades were thrown but in the end Spade was able to get away in a life pod but not before setting off the self destruct on the ship.

Joseph and Kiki were able to safely get everyone off the ship and we left the system.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Bird of Prey

Haven Shipyard, Day 0471

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Drake so angry before.

He had returned to the ship from his operation and we were readying to go. I contacted Darren to let him know we were leaving the system when he implied that we would be heading to Kaspeon. I asked him why he thought that was the case and he told me that he had heard about a lone former in the area that seemed to be behaving strangely. I thanked him for the information and wished him well before informing the Captain of what I had just learned.

Like he normally does with these things he put it to a vote with the crew; the former or Vos. It was one of those rare votes when I found myself on the same side of the table with Kairi. We both felt that Vos was the bigger threat but the majority voted to investigate the former first.

Somehow that first part was lost on Kairi as she began to fight not with the people who voted for the former first but Drake about how wrong of a choice that was. Drake, the man who was wronged in so many ways by Vos. He even made that point and yet she wouldn’t back down. It felt like she was throwing a fit because the rest of the crew wasn’t following her lead.

Even Mortdecai didn’t agree with her. And yet she had to audacity to threaten to kill Drake if anything happened to the Angels because they didn’t go after Vos first. Dorian told her to get of the ship and she was escorted out by John and Joseph.

I learned later that Kairi would be staying on board until Kaspeon because of course she is. I expressed my displeasure to the Captain give that she keeps making threats to kill crewmates but he seemed to dismiss it.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Bird of Prey

Haven, Day 0468

Just as I think I’m beginning to understand someone I see this side of them I didn’t realize was there. Gerald left the crew today but not before the Captain ordered John to fight him. I don’t understand why that happened. Why couldn’t he have just been fired? It was an uncomfortable ordeal.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Bird of Prey

Home, Day 0462

With the ship modifications completed we prepared to make our way to Promia. Before we left the station we were joined by a new crew member: Mortdecai. It was strange a reminder for me that this man ,who seemed a giant among men, was just that, a man.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Home, Day 456
  • Kairi and Kiki had dinner with the King siblings.
  • Kiki read Zane’s mind and had a bad time.
  • The night was fine except for how awkward Kiki made it.
  • Kiki clarified to Kairi that the Angel’s already knew that the Kings had leaked the location of Home.
Home, Day 0455

We made our way to Home were we learned that Drake’s old ship was now ruled by the “4th” pirate king. Plans were made to infiltrate his fleet so Drake could exact his revenge.

Haven, Day 0449
  • Drake approached Kairi about her torturing plans.
Paradise, Day 0448

After a vague threat made by Seven we made our way to Paradise to check on the well being of Kairi’s brother.

Crorix II, Day 0441

Those who wanted to stay in the system were dropped off on Crorix II. The rest began their trip with Niles down to Home.

Crorix I, Day 0440

Joseph recuperated and the ship was repaired. Rescue mission launched to save last of the survivors planet side.


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