Crorix, Day 0000
  • Amira, John, Huan, Nala, and Yuri awaken from cryostasis to discover they are no longer in a Telo jail but instead the wreckage of a ship.
  • On their way out of the ship the survivors encounter a mutated human that attacks them. They are able to trap it in the elevator.
  • They step out of ship and head towards an mine. There they encounter crew members of the Astrid. The survivors are collected and taken on board as the ships guest.
Al Mohitat, Day 0010
  • Captain Wes of the Astrid offers the survivors a job, make a delivery to Al Bihar Akhdar. They accept.
  • Once planet side the delivery is made but the weather turns bad forcing the survivors and Irina to stay over night in the floating city.
  • During this time the survivors split their allegiances: Nala and Amira side with Irina and the Astrid while Yuri, John, and Haun turn traitorous and attempt to murder the others.
  • Nala, Amira, and Irina go into hiding.
Al Mohitat, Day 0011
  • The traitors leave the planet via the original shuttle leaving the others stranded.
Al Mohitat, Day 0040
  • After almost a month stuck on planet Nala, Amira, and Irina are rescued by John and Drake.
  • As they make their escape they are accompanied by Joseph who has taken a liking to Amira.
  • Their plan to stealth off planet is folded when an ID comes up faulty. The group rushes to the shuttle and gets off planet as quickly as possible.
  • On the Astrid, Captain Wes demands a briefing. Afterwards he offers Nala and Amira a position on his crew.
Sedona, Day 0042
  • Captain Wes grants Drake a new ship for his efforts on Al Mohitat and as well as taking an escort mission with the Seven Sisters.
  • The crew of the Kestrel meet High Sister Agata and escort her safely to the shuttle while being pursued by zealot Truth of the Cosmo followers.
Newnew York, Day 0082
  • Agata is safely escorted to Newnew York.
    • Offers up a return job if the crew is interested.
  • Captain Drake finds a smuggling job for the crew.
  • Amira purchases a fake id and then a new psychic blade
Sedona, Day 0122
  • In a field, far away from the temples the crew of the Kestral delivers their package to unmarked men.
Newnew York, Day 0162
  • The crew of the Kestral arrives on Newnew York to pick up Agata as agreed. They are just in time as Agata and her companion Sister Aurora are being pursued by Truthers.
Sedona, Day 0202

Agata was safely delivered to the Sister’s temple on Sedona. Captain Drake offered me a position aboard his ship. I accepted.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

Boneyard, Day 0218

Upon our approach towards the orbital station I detected a damaged mining vessel with dissipating life support tucked away in the system. The crew was informed and it was decided that we would investigate for survivors.

The ship was a disaster. There was blood and gore everywhere. The former were present and moving around the ship via the air ducks. We were able to stop ourselves from being overwhelmed. In the process of searching the ship we came across a shuttle as well as two power suits which we took on board.

In the spirit of being cautions the Captain stepped to the outside of the ship up to the bridge to get a better idea of what might be in store for us. What he found was a variety of the formers we had come across before. It had long razor claws at the end of it’s fingers. It also noticed the Captain and watched him with interest as he moved away from the window. Once he returned everyone but Joseph who was doing some repairs on the shuttle we had discovered took the elevator to the bridge.

The creature was incredibly fast as well as smarter than any formers we had encountered before. Instead of going for me it focused on the unarmored members of the crew in the bridge. It would have killed the Captain had Nala not been there.

We rushed back to the Kestral with the shuttle and suits and made our way to the orbital station. Once there we took the Captain to the ER. After he settled into a room for recovery Nala informed us that she would be leaving the crew to try and join Glass Tech since she would not be able to conduct any sort of research concerning these creatures on the ship.

- Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel


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