Tag: Carrack


  • Arrived on Sedona, Day 0003

    I went down planet side and met with Agata for a few hours while the rest of the crew stayed on the ship while it refueled. p>. - Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

  • Sedona, Day 0039

    * Captain Wes grants Drake a new ship for his efforts on Al Mohitat and as well as taking an escort mission with the Seven Sisters. * The crew of the Kestrel meet High Sister Agata and escort her safely to the shuttle while being pursued by zealot Truth …

  • Sedona, Day 0000

    The Captain and I went down onto Sedona to make a plea with the Sisters to aid Crorix. Only the Captain decided he didn't want to come leaving me alone with Agata to explain the situation. While I did that he went down to the beach and had a vision which …

  • Sedona, Day 0203

    Agata was safely delivered to the Sister's temple on Sedona. Captain Drake offered me a position aboard his ship. I accepted. p>. - Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

  • Sedona, Day 0000 +

    Dorian woke up still very much drunk. Concerned for his health I called up to the ship to ask for assistance. Kairi said she could cure it and would be down shortly. Using her abilities she was able to remove the alcohol from the Captain's system. Once …

  • Sedona, Day 0000+49

    We arrived in Carrack, and one of the first things Aurora noted was that there were explosions occurring on the surface of Sedona. It seems the holy war is in full swing, though it feels less dramatic now that we know one side is the Banshees in disguise. …