Tag: Sisters


  • Arrived on Sedona, Day 0003

    I went down planet side and met with Agata for a few hours while the rest of the crew stayed on the ship while it refueled. p>. - Aurora Bohr, Communications Officer of the Kestrel

  • Drecoria, Day 0035

    We arrived at Drecoria II station and went to visit the Sister's office. We were told that a higher up would be on planet side so we made our way to the temple. Inside we met with High Brother Rogar. He informed us that to get any information spread it …

  • Sedona, Day 0039

    * Captain Wes grants Drake a new ship for his efforts on Al Mohitat and as well as taking an escort mission with the Seven Sisters. * The crew of the Kestrel meet High Sister Agata and escort her safely to the shuttle while being pursued by zealot Truth …