The Angels
Leader: Anya Prescott (formerly Mortdecai)
Notable Characters: Alice, Drek, and Zane King
Home System: Halo
Assets: Home, Fallen Angel, The White Witch
Fleet Strength: Weak
Infantry Strength: Weak

The Angels are one of the three main pirate factions in the Azoth sector. Previously led by the charismatic Mortdecai, they have gained the reputation of a group of reasonable people — for pirates.

These pirates live by a simple code — take only what your marks can afford to lose. They leave their prey with enough fuel and supplies to reach the nearest station or planet, and only kill if they must do so to protect themselves from would-be defenders.

Both the fleet strength and the infantry strength of the Angels is weak by standards of comparison to other factions in the sector, due to a devastating attack by Seven of the Endless Cycle on the asteroid colony of Home. Over four fifths of the Angels were killed over the span of one hour, as well as the destruction of 47 ships.

Due to this major loss of life, Mortdecai has stepped down from the role of leader, promoting Anya Prescott in his place.

The Angels command three great assets:


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