Carrack is home to the “holy” planet Sedona, home to the Truth of the Cosmos religious faction. Also on-planet (and located in aggressively close proximity) is a predominant church of the Seven Sisters religious faction.

Tensions have been extremely high between the two competing religions over the rights of the “holy site” located a mile out of either church – either the “Elysian Cove” (according to the Seven Sisters) or the “Heavenly Waters” (according to the Truth of the Cosmos). Aggression, while not open, is common between the two factions.

Carrack has six planets.

  • Carrack I
  • Carrack II
  • Carrack III
  • Sedona
    • Colonized, City level
  • Carrack V
  • Carrack VI

Carrack has one station.

  • Sedona
    • Orbital Refueling Station


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