Endless Cycle

The Endless Cycle
Leader: Seven
Notable Characters: UNKNOWN
Home System: UNKNOWN
Fleet Strength: UNKNOWN
Infantry Strength: UNKNOWN

The Endless Cycle is an organization of unknown size and scope. In fact, little at all is known about them, and fewer facts still can be confirmed. The Endless Cycle are regarded as ‘galactic boogeymen’, with extremely few knowing their reach extends beyond myth.

One thing is clear, however — their mission. The zealots of the Endless Cycle believe that the Scream was the universe answering the rapid expansion and exploitation of humanity. Unfortunately, in their eyes, this universal attempt was a failure, and humanity requires a more prolonged and straightforward campaign. They seek to right this imagined wrong.

A little was learned from Anya Prescott of the Angels about the Endless Cycle, regarding Mortdecai’s run-in with them in the system of Mehiri 20 years ago. At that time, Mortdecai faced off against the Sixth Iteration of the Will of the Endless Cycle, killing him.

This led to present events in which the current leader, Seven, attacked and killed nearly the entirety of the Angels in one fell swoop.

The Endless Cycle has no known assets.

Endless Cycle

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