Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel is the flagship of the Angels pirate faction. It is captained by Mortdecai and helmed by Anya Prescott.


Pretech being as rare as it is, the Fallen Angel is a rarity unrivaled in the sector. A pretech cruiser with the teeth of a carrier, it’s silhouette is a menacing one to view in the cold of space. The Fallen Angel houses a full compliment of fighter craft to go alongside an armament of heavy railguns, flak emitters, and torpedo launchers.

The Fallen Angel appears to have some sort of shielding technology, easily recognized at any viewport on the ship. All windows to the expanse of space utilize this shielding technology in place of the standard aluminum-glass hybrid windows used commonly in postech constructions.

The Fallen Angel also houses The White Witch, Anya Prescott’s personal fighter craft.

Full details of the Fallen Angel are not known. Known details include:

  • Hydroponic Replenishment Systems
  • Tech Level 4 Workshops
  • Fighter Bays (x8)
  • Spike Drive, rating IV
  • Extended Armaments (versus standard cruiser)
  • Drop Pods (x2)
  • Armory/Exploration equipment
  • Emissions Dampeners

The Fallen Angel is perhaps a point of interest to Dr. Darren Wilson of Glass Technologies due to the rarity and tech level of the ship.

Fallen Angel

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