Firebrand Ship Rules

For All Crewmembers

1. Never cause unnecessary harm. This does not mean you cannot defend yourself when in danger. Do what you need to in order to survive.

2. The captain’s word is final. I expect and encourage concerns to be brought to my attention, but in time-sensitive situations I expect immediate obedience.

3. Treat all invited guests with respect. I do not expect you to like everyone I invite onboard. I only ask that you are polite, and come to me later with concerns.

4. Inter-crew relationships are allowed. Just don’t let it inference with work.

For Away Mission Crew

1. Never attack someone who has made no move to harm or threaten another. This applies to both humans and the Former, and anyone else we may run across.

2. Don’t pick fights, either physical or verbal. We have some powerful allies, but they can easily turn on us if we upset them.

Firebrand Ship Rules

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