Glass Technologies

Glass Technologies

Leader: Dr. Darren Wilson
Notable Characters:
Home System: Unknown
Fleet Strength: Strong
Infantry Strength: Weak

Glass Technologies (GlassTech) is both a legitimate company and one of the three main pirate factions in the Azoth sector. Led by Dr. Darren Wilson, GlassTech is known to be a rather brutal group of pirates — if you happen to be unlucky enough to stumble across something they want.

As a company, GlassTech researches and develops new technologies in nearly everything. From medical to agricultural, weapons of war to instruments of peace. The company focuses mainly on pretech, but new developments in postech often make their way to the hands of consumers with a GlassTech logo stamped across it.

As a pirate faction, GlassTech is merciless. The research required of the company is increasingly expensive, and research materials are hard to come by. This is where the brutality begins — if GlassTech catches word of some salvager or explorer that has come across a valuable pretech artifact, they descend upon the unlucky souls with the full force of their formidable fleet.

The starfaring fleet of Glass Technologies would be considered to be strong in comparison to other factions of the sector, likely due to the funds available to them and their constant innovative drive in wartime equipment. The infantry strength of the faction, however, is notably weaker than other factions. Much of the manpower of this faction is spent in researchers and scientists, not in hardened warriors.

The assets under the control of GlassTech are unknown.

Glass Technologies

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