Home (Asteroid Colony, Halo)
Owner/Patron: Angels
Population: 300+

Perhaps the only asset owned by the Angels to rival their flagship, “Home” is a sprawling sub-surface asteroid colony in the Halo system.

The colony itself is massive, with various hangars and engineering bays along the outer rim of the asteroid, all surrounding a centralized town in the center. The colony is large enough to warrant groundcar paths, taking as much as twenty minutes by such travel from an engineering bay to the closest outskirt of town.

Stylized as a place accepting of humanity’s lost, Home is a melting pot of all sorts of different backgrounds and heritages. Those willing to embrace the peaceful lifestyle of the colony are welcome, regardless of all but the most dire of crimes in one’s past. The Angels, while gracious patrons, keep order well enough by simple reputation. No one wants to cross a pirate organization — especially when they shelter you and feed you.

Running a colony full of exiles, pirates, those seeking asylum, and the families that follow behind is not cheap, however. Home, being hidden, naturally limits merchant trade. Power generators require fuel, the populace requires food and water. Nearly all of this is provided by the patron organization of Home, the Angels, through piracy or other means.

Home is equipped with several maneuvering thrusters that keep it in a relative static position within the asteroid belt. Home also has the capacity to manufacture all Tech 4 equipment and armaments.

Previously boasting a population numbering in the thousands, Home was once a very peaceful — yet boisterous — place. Unfortunately, due to the ill intent of the Endless Cycle, over 80% of the population was killed in a brutal bombing. As such, Home is now sparsely populated — and eerily quiet.


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