Ignis is a system with a blue-white hypergiant star. Being one of the hottest types of stars, the system itself is populated with only uninhabitable planets due to solar radiation and surface temperatures that could melt most worked metals.

The system is not considered a “dead system” however, as it is still frequented by many manufacturing and refining corporations for it’s foundry station, located in planetary orbit around the furthest planet from the star. Utilizing panels specifically made to transfer heat from the star, the foundries are able to run with minimal power or fuel, making Ignis the most cost-effective destination for refining and processing large quantities of ore.

Ignis has three planets.

  • Ignis I
  • Ignis II
  • Ignis III

Ignis has two stations.

  • Star
    • Orbital Refueling Station, far rim
  • Ignis III
    • IRM Refinery Station


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