Ioria is a system colonized by the post-Scream corporation Ioria Refining & Manufacturing. The system has 8 planets, all of which outside the habitable zone.

Ioria is unique in the amount of precious metals that can be found in its numerous asteroid belts and rocky planets. High concentrations of nearly anything — from Iron to Magnesium to Uranium — can be found somewhere in the system.

Ioria Refining & Manufacturing headquarters is in-system in the form of a sprawling pressurized manufacturing colony on Ioria V.

Ioria has eight planets.

  • Ioria I
    • IRM Surface Mining Colony
  • Ioria II
  • Ioria III
  • Ioria IV
    • IRM Refinery Colony
  • Ioria V
    • IRM Postech Manufacturing Colony
  • Ioria VI
    • IRM Drydock Shipyard
    • IRM Warehouse Network
  • Ioria VII
  • Ioria VIII

Ioria has three asteroid belts.

  • Asteroid Belt one (between Ioria I and Ioria II)
  • Asteroid Belt two (between Ioria I and Ioria II)
  • Asteroid Belt three (between Ioria IV and Ioria V)

Ioria has two stations.

  • Ioria V
    • Orbital Refueling Station
    • Orbital Shipyard


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