Ioria Refinery & Manufacturing (IRM) is a interstellar company focusing on mining minerals, processing them, and manufacturing tech level 4 equipment and vehicles from them. IRM also sells excess resource to other companies in the sector.

IRM headquarters is located in the Ioria system on Ioria V. Previously uninhabited, IRM recently colonized the system and has been steadily populating it with employees and their families. Within the last six months, whispers of a pressurized city have begun to circulate. It is speculated that IRM may soon build such a city to capitalize on any tourism or through traffic to and from Ioria.

The reach of IRM does not end at the border of the Ioria system, however. IRM manufacturing plants, refineries, and warehouses span the sector. They are active in nearly every system.

In recent times, IRM has been plagued by a series of unexplained events involving several of it’s assets being overrun by cannibals. Little is known about the cause, but the result of this is a loss of life, workforce, and money for IRM.


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