Kaspeon is a three-planet system that sees many travelers but not many visitors. Being placed within range for a spike-2 drive to reach Haven, Ioria, Mehiri, Drerth, and within spike-1 range of the “gateway system” Crorix, people tend to simply pass through rather than treat Kaspeon as a destination.

Kaspeon I, otherwise known as Nepra, is the planet closest to the star of Kaspeon located in the habitable zone. It is largely covered by water with exceedingly rare islands. Nepra is colonized, but not in the standard sense — all colonies are transitive, taking the form of gigantic naval vessels housing anywhere between 100 people to the low 1000’s. Without a solid infrastructure to build the large and expensive components of modern spacefaring vessels, the planet has remained classified as tech level 3, with the exception of scavenged pretech from the more shallow areas of the vast ocean.

Kaspeon II, otherwise known as Ceres, is the second planet closest to the star of Kaspeon in the habitable zone. Ceres is a lush jungle planet rich in natural resources, but the native population is exceedingly hostile to any off-worlders. The native tribes, known as Vaal, infrequently agree on anything and often times war between each other. There are two things that the various Vaal agree upon, however: That the jungles of the planet must be protected from harm and that the greatest threat to the jungles are off-worlders. Vaal have individual names, indicated as such: Vaal’Rana, Vaal’Koor, Val’Draht. All Vaal are tech 4 civilizations with only very minor differences, they simply choose not to leave the planet.

Kaspeon III, otherwise known as Husk, is the third and final planet of the Kaspeon system. Husk resides outside of the habitable zone. Sometime long ago, in a time no one remembers, this planet was likely a hospitable planet. Unfortunately, that time is no longer. Husk is named as such for good reason — the planet is simply depleted. No atmosphere remains of the planet, replaced by a thick layer of inert gas. Gravity is nearly non-existent, classifying as microgravity. This, however, makes the planet a spectacular place to hide or lay low. Only the most advanced of sensors can reliably scan through the thick gases surrounding the surface, and ships of any size can land or dock due to the lack of atmosphere. It is unknown how many take advantage of this fact — or the disposition of those seeking refuge.

Kaspeon has three planets.

  • Kaspeon I
    • Colonized (Nepra), Transitive Colonies, Tech 3, Water-world, Submerged Pretech
    • Moon I (Uncolonized, Extreme temperatures +/-)
  • Kaspeon II
    • Colonized (Ceres), Tribal Colonies, Tech 4, Jungle world, Hostile natives
    • Moon I (Colonized, IRM Corporation)
    • Moon II (Uncolonized, Extreme Temperatures -)
  • Kaspeon III
    • Uncolonized (Husk), Gas (Inert, sensor-damping), Microgravity

Kaspeon has one asteroid belt and one hydrogen gas cloud.

  • Asteroid Belt One (Between Kaspeon I and Kaspeon II)
  • Hydrogen Gas Cloud (Between Kaspeon II and Kaspeon III)

Kaspeon has one station.

  • Kaspeon II, Moon I
    • IRM Refueling Station


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