Shin is a four-planet system known primarily for lawlessness and a particularly cut-throat merchant trade. Shin has one planet in the habitable zone — Shin I (known as Sin).

Shin is a known hotbed of criminal behavior, which oddly makes the spacelanes relatively safe. No one dares risk reprisal of one of the several merchant lords of the Shin system, and any ship might have business with one. This is not to say the system is completely safe, however. Those with the misfortune of running across a merchant lord at a bad time have much to worry about.

Three of the four planets in Shin are colonized, though only Sin sits in the habitable zone. In a relatively lawless system, Sin could be considered it’s capitol. Crime of all sorts is common on the planet — from theft to drug trade to murder. However, those that are caught by the private forces of the various merchant lords of the planet are punished severely — that is, if you don’t pay the right ‘fines’. If a particularly savvy spacefarer knows where to look, Sin offers many services to those passing through, including: fences for stolen goods, information brokering, assassination contracts, and corporate espionage. The Banshees, one of the three major pirate organizations, is rumored to call Sin home.

Shin II, otherwise known as Nyx, is a planet in which was devastated by a war dating back to the Scream. This war lasted upwards of half a century, and the planet has since been considered too hostile to attempt rebuilding efforts. The denizens of Nyx are a savage lot, having to scavenge or kill to survive on a daily basis. Vast ruins of once-great cities dot the landscape, serving as hubs of concentrated violence in a mockery of the civilization they once contained. Roving bands of marauding Nyxians fight daily, each leader slain only inviting one more brutal to replace him. Farmland is nearly as scarce as those willing to farm, and as such the world is in a perpetual shortage of food as the surrounding areas are hunted or scavenged down to the last scrap. The tech level of the planet remains at tech 3, though tech 4 and even tech 5 can be found in places that no one has yet thought to look.

The residents of the Shin system refer to Shin III simply as ‘Fog’. The planet is covered in a swirling acidic mist that can eat through nearly any metal, making the surface extremely inhospitable. Furthermore, those who have attempted to study the planet have come to the conclusion that the mist is vented from the planet itself, making subterranean colonization an extreme risk.

The final of the four planets in the Shin system is known colloquially as Undol. Surface temperatures of Undol remain at all times in deep sub-zero, making the planet a difficult place to live or colonize. Several pre-scream colonies lie on the surface of Undol, heated by systems modern engineers scarcely understand. After two centuries of breeding and poor population management, nearly every one of these colonies are overpopulated to the point of crisis. Rumor has it that somewhere on the surface of Undol an abandoned pretech colony exists, untouched by man for centuries — though all attempts to find it have come up short.

Shin has four planets.

  • Shin I
    • Colonized (Sin), Metropolis level, Tech 4, Information, Merchant Lords, Banshees
    • Moon I (Colonized, Merchant Lords)
  • Shin II
    • Colonized (Nyx), Destroyed Cities, Tech 3(4), Lawless
    • Moon I (Uncolonized, abandoned colonies)
    • Moon II (Colonized, Merchant lords, wreckage of maltech planetary cannon)
  • Shin III
    • Uncolonized (Fog), Hostile environment (acidic mist)
    • Moon I (Colonized, Planetary research outpost (Fog))
  • Shin IV
    • Colonized (Undol), Colony level, Tech 4, Hostile environment (cold)
    • Moon I (Uncolonized, Hostile environment (cold))
    • Moon II (Uncolonized, Hostile environment (cold, wildlife))

Shin has no asteroid belts.

Shin has one station.

  • Shin I
    • Orbital Refueling and Trade station


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