Supplementary Ship Fittings

(These are a few purchasable items made for ships as an expansion to that in the book.)

Ship Weapons

Weapon Cost DMG PWR FM Hard Min. Class TL Special
Tracking Disruptor 150k - 3 1 1 Fighter 4 Target takes -2 to hit
Tactical EMP 1m/10k 3d6 5 3 1 Frigate 4 Ammo 4, see text

Tracking Disruptors are unique in that these weapons do no damage to the target, instead interfering with any targeting computers on the vessel. All attack rolls with a Tracking Disruptor are resolved using a normal combat roll using the operator’s Computer skill and Intelligence modifier in place of Combat/Gunnery. Any vessel hit with a Tracking Disruptor suffers no damage, but takes a -2 to any attack rolls made during the next round. Tracking Disruptors are exclusively sold by Glass Technologies, though they can be purchased at any standard shipyard.

Tactical EMPs are missiles with sophisticated electromagnetic warheads capable of completely pacifying a ship for a limited time. On a hit with a Tactical EMP, if the missile did any damage to the defender, the chief engineer of the defending ship must make an immediate DC 9 Tech/Astronautics check. If the engineer fails, the ship is rendered disabled. Repairing a ship disabled this way requires any engineers on the ship to pass a DC 9 Tech/Astronautics skill check, with an expenditure of one hour representing one check.

Ship Fittings

Fitting Cost PWR FM Min. Class TL Function
Ejection Seat 5k 0 0 Parasite 4 Pilot ejection. Parasites and Fighters only.
Parasite Dock 50k 0 1 Frigate 4 Docking port for Parasite.
Ship Refinery 25k* 2 1# Frigate 4 Refine raw materials.
Research Lab 50k* 1 1# Frigate 4 Allows scientific research.

-# Multiply requirements by 2 for frigates, 3 for cruisers, and 4 for capital ships
-* Multiply cost by 10 for frigates, 25 for cruisers, and 100 for capital ships

Ejection Seats can be installed on parasite and fighter class ships to eject the pilot upon catastrophic damage to the craft as an automatic measure. Without ejection seats, all hands are killed when a parasite or fighter reaches 0 hit points as the vessel explodes violently. Ejection seats come with a very basic distress beacon.

Parasite Docks are used to dock a parasite class ship to it’s parent vessel. Unlike fighters and frigates, a docked parasite has most of it’s hull remain outside of it’s parent vessel, only docking the cockpit in a specialized pressure seal. Frigates or larger vessels may install Parasite Docks.

A Ship Refinery can be used to extract the precious raw materials from scrap or ore, which can then be sold for profit or used as materials for Workshops or ship repairs. A Ship Refinery requires at least one operator with a minimum of 1 in the Tech/Postech skill.

A Research Lab has all of the equipment, space, and safeties necessary to perform high-grade research onboard a spacefaring vessel. A Research Lab may be used to research any scientific avenue, as well as weapons research. To be effective, a Research Lab requires at least one operator with at least 1 rank in the Science skill, and any research to be done requires at least 1 rank in the appropriate Tech skill, if applicable. This does not need to be from the same operator.

Supplementary Ship Fittings

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