Drill Space, Day 0000+8

Captain's Log 2

Today has been… enlightening. I learned much about the past lives of my crew. I would not leave their secrets in writing for others to find, but I feel as if I know them a bit better now. Some of them I have flown with for over a year, and I just now feel as if I am getting to know them. Perhaps the knowledge that death looms ever closer has loosened their tongues.

Perhaps that is also the reason for the sudden spike in sexual activity on the ship. Or was all of this always going on, and I was just unaware? Or maybe the previous crew took Captain Drake’s rule about no intercrew relationships seriously. Whatever the case, I keep finding myself in rather uncomfortable situations.

I suppose I’m happy they’ve found a way to keep morale up, but I’m having trouble understanding. I feel like I may be missing something fundamentally human in nature. Maybe in time it will start to make more sense.



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