Firebrand, Day 0000+29

Captain's Log 8

Another mission completed, another night spent wondering where it all went wrong. I feel as though no matter what we do, nothing ever feels right or good.

People keep reminding us that the entire fate of the sector does not rest on our shoulders, so why does it feel that we get blamed for everything that goes wrong? Is it our responsibility or isn’t it? Why are our mistakes always made out to be so much grander than our successes?

We found a cloning facility underneath the dome in Promia. They were making Sevens, hundreds of them. The ones we found were “rejects” with no psychic abilities, planned to be destroyed with the entire facility around us. But we learned that there were 15 successes. 15 clones of Seven, all with powerful psychic abilities. “Michael” is dead, and we killed another in the facility, but that leaves 13 left to terrorize the sector.

Every day the chances of the sector surviving seem more grim than the last.

It seems that the Endless Cycle has also weaponized the Former pathogen. One of the “bug ladies” shot syringes at several of the crew members that caused them to immediately begin to turn. Theyrn was able to stop the spread with a quick amputation of his foot, and I was barely able to stop Joseph from transforming, but by the time I got to Remi it was too late to stop it. It was all I could do to keep her from losing herself.

We sold our revivitus sleeve to the Sister’s. In exchange, Remi gained upgrades to her eye, Theyrn got the bomb removed from his neck, and we received 500,000 credits besides. Perhaps we could have gone for more, but we managed to upset Mask in the process of negotiations so I did not want to press too hard. I hope we do not regret selling it.

John is threatening to leave again. He was not happy to see the Former population of our crew doubled.

He suggested we try to bring the sector’s leaders together to discuss banding together to stop the looming threat. I am willing to try, but we seem better at making enemies than friends.

I am worried about Mehiri, but I am reminded that my companions do not share the depth of my concern for their wellbeing. As captain I could give the order to go there first regardless of what the others say, but I cannot afford to have everyone upset with me.

Every day I feel more and more as if I just want to go home and wait for it all to end, but I am not even sure where home would be at this point.



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