Haven, Day 0000

Captain's Log 1

The Marauders have pushed into Haven, and are hitting the Angels hard. They have already lost so many; it pains me to watch their ships fall.

We should have come sooner.

We managed to rescue an Angel ship that had been overwhelmed, but several more were destroyed in the time it took. I gave the order to destroy a lifeboat fleeing from a disabled Marauder ship, a decision I do not regret but makes me ill to think about. It feels wrong. Everything feels wrong.

An enemy cruiser entered the battlefield, and I gave the order to engage them, as the Angels had no ships in the area that could match it. It was a mistake; they outgunned us considerably, and many more Angel lives were lost in the battle. Ultimately the cruiser was destroyed, but not without a price.

That price being that we are now indebted to Captain Spade of the Coldharbour.

It seems Spade was summoned to Home to discuss the possibility of him helping to defend the Angels. And it seems we are now to be used as a bargaining chip because of our connection to Anya and Mortdecai. I don’t much like the idea of being a pawn, but it’s better than being dead.

We limped back to the Paradise station to repair. It seems the revolution on the surface has grown larger than anyone anticipated, and it is suspected there is something larger involved than simple revolutionaries. We were told we should not travel to the surface unless we were looking to enlist.

It will take us over a week to repair the damage to the Firebrand. I hope by the time we reach Home we are not too late.



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