Haven, Day 0000+35

Captain's Log 12

Thomas is the new first mate, and has been impressively competent at it so far. Despite his rather flippant attitude, he can be serious when it counts.

When Farah nominated him as the next first mate I initially thought it ridiculous, but it is true that the job should be left to someone who will stay with the ship whenever there is a ground mission to be taken care of. And Thomas already knows most of what goes on in the war room thanks to his room in the officers’ quarters, so he is already in a better position than most to deal with the weird shit we always get ourselves into.

John left in the Divine Rite as soon as we exited drill space. At least our goodbyes were civil enough. Despite everything, I do hope he takes care of himself.

Our next mission is to contact all of the powerful leaders we are acquainted with, and convince them to attend a summit of sorts to discuss fighting back against the Endless Cycle. It was one of John’s last suggestions before leaving us. The sector stands no chance unless it is united.

Our first stop was to be Purgatory, but the planet was surrounded by ships and we were ordered to halt as soon as we began to approach. Aurora got into contact with Darren Wilson, who informed us that minions of the Endless Cycle had taken over 3 of his ships and orbitally bombarded the planet, which is why it was now closed off.

We gave him our message about the meeting, and asked if he could pass along the information to the Angels, since we are still banned from their space. He agreed, and he also asked us who the current leader of the Banshees is. When we told him it was Hachiko, he asked if she was the one who had killed his second in command. I did not want to say yes, but I had a strong feeling that lying would only make the situation worse. I did not explain why she did it. He seems to be unaware of the nature of her relationship with Mikoto, and it is not my place to share it.

I told Wilson we wished to install a Fuel Bunker on the Firebrand, and he offered to arrange to have it installed for us while in space, for a fee of course. We took him up on the offer.

It seems we will be in the system for over a week. It cannot be helped.



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