Joseph Riggs

"Machine's are easy to understand. People are not."


Age: 18
Height: 5’10"
Hair: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Interests: Space, Fixing things, Building things, Mechanics, Fixing Space, and helping people.

Character Theme

Character Theme- After Arc

Character Theme- After Dorian and Kairi’s Death

Room Theme

Character Opinions:

Amira: “She changed… no, she upgraded.”

Dorian Drake: “No…not captain… not space brother.”

Nala Chaskaw: “She fixes people…sort of.”

Jack Throne: “He’s teaching me to be useful outside of fixing!”

Kairi: “I told her not to leave us… why did she leave us? We needed her… I needed her.”

Aurora Bohr: “I like her, she helps me build things. We are both useful!”

Lea: “She reminds me of mom… new space mom?”

Micah: “…I hope he’ll like cycle breaker. He’ll make it useful again.”

Theyrn: “Why not two swords?! I’ll make another!”


The “Chief-Commander” Engineer aboard the “Firebrand”. His strange behavior and mental handicaps belie an ingenious mind capable of many advanced engineering feats. He spends most of his time thinking up and creating devices and gadgets that would be useful for the crew during their missions, all with various and etcentric uses. Although sometimes reluctant to do so, he will also join in on ground force missions, using his psychic abilities and technical know-how to help out.

Joseph Riggs

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