Drecoria is a three-planet system that serves as a gateway to the infamous Shin system. Drecoria has two planets in the habitable zone, Drecoria II (Drecoria Prime) and Drecoria III (Nira).

Being in such close proximity to Shin, Drecoria is not without it’s problems. Amateur pirate attacks are commonplace in the system, and local militias are quick to pull the trigger on anything remotely suspicious. But for all it’s drawbacks, the system actually benefits more from this than it is hindered by it. A good place to find mercenary work, Drecoria has quickly become a hub for such activity on either side of the law. On top of this, business from Shin almost always travels through Drecoria, often times stopping to sell their wares. As such, it has become a less-seedy equivalent of Shin in it’s own right.

All three planets in Drecoria are colonized, though only two reside in the habitable zone. Drecoria I, or Polis as the locals refer to the planet, is a Tech 3 world residing outside of the habitable zone. Due to pre-scream technology in both terraforming and building techniques, colonists now live in largely subterranean city-sized facilities near the poles of the planet. That is not to say that there are no buildings above ground, however. Ruins of a vast pretech city can be found closer to the planet’s equator, scorched by two centuries of heat. It is unknown how the city survived in the first place — the buildings therein are not particularly shielded from heat or solar radiation.

Drecoria II, or Drecoria Prime as travelers have named it, is a Tech 4 world residing in the habitable zone. It is primarily known for three things: Mercenary work, Trade, and Resorts. The planet is beautiful and well-kept, likely the result of centuries of a civilization that maintained Tech 4 through the scream. Drecoria II’s beaches, hot springs, and scenery are a major draw for the travelers passing through the system.

Drecoria III, or Nira to natives of the planet, is a Tech 1 world in the habitable zone. Due to the intervention of Drecoria II, Drecoria III is largely unspoiled by outside technology and influence. Orbiting the planet are several patrol craft tasked with ensuring no spacefarers approach the planet. In the few events in which it was necessary to send somebody to the surface, rules were strictly enforced that disallowed the landing party from bringing any technology with them with the exception of one discreet transmitter to signal pickup. Little is known of the world due to the enforcement of non-interference by Drecoria II.

Drecoria has three planets.

  • Drecoria I
    • Colonized (Polis), Subterranean, Tech 3, Pretech Ruins
    • Moon I (Uncolonized, Hostile environment)
  • Drecoria II
    • Colonized (Drecoria Prime), City level, Tech 4, Trade, Resort, Merc
    • Moon I (Colonized, Mining outpost)
    • Moon II (Colonized, Hostile environment, Research)
  • Drecoria III
    • Colonized (Nira), Village level, Tech 1, Limited access
    • Moon I (Uncolonized)
    • Moon II (Colonized, Drecoria Prime enforcement outpost)

Drecoria has one asteroid belt.

  • Asteroid Belt I (Outer rim)

Drecoria has one station.

  • Drecoria II
    • Orbital Refueling Station


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